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Kevin Riley Foundation of Hope is a registered 501(c)(3) non-profit and was formed in memory of Kevin M. Riley who lost his life to gun violence at just 29 years old on October 28, 2020 in Winchester, VA. Kevin was born and raised here in Winchester and had 4 siblings. Kevin had a passion for helping others especially children, wanting to see them succeed in life and in sports. The purpose of this foundation is to service the underprivileged youth of Winchester, Virginia and the surrounding areas. We pay, kids play. One of the largest reasons some children do not get an opportunity to participate in team sports is the associated cost. Your donations will be used to ease the lives of under privileged children and provide the opportunity to participate in sports, attend a camp, develop a hobby, provide school shoes & supplies, or provide a hot meal to a family in need as just an example. Where there are children there are many needs. We are here to serve the youth of our community and their families in whatever needs may arise. 
We also strive to end violence in our community. We hold violence awareness events to start the conversation of valuing life, to make our community a safer place for children and their families, and to say “Not one more!” While Kevin lost his life to gun violence we believe our community should be free from all forms of violence, and we as a people should value our own lives, and the lives of all others. We work to remember those lives lost to violence in our community and through out our country hosting events like our Tree of Remembrance Ceremony each December. Together we can End Violence!


Ways We Help

We are striving to make a difference for our youth and local community. We are reaching out and helping those in need in our local community. Together we can strive to change not only our community but the world!

Community Day Schedule of Events

Sports Scholarships

We have scholarship funding available for youth of Winchester / Frederick County to help pay for sports programs and equipment. If your child would like to enroll in a program such as a little league sport, skill improvement camp or need help with equipment required to play a sport but your family would need financial assistance please reach out to us.

Please go to our Assistance Programs tab on this site for application.
or email us for more information:

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"As one person I cannot change the world, but I can change the world of one person."

-Paul Shane Spear

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