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Giving Back to local Parks and Recreation Foundation!

We had a very successful Fall 2023 event where ALL proceeds were donated to our local Winchester Parks & Rec Foundation for park improvements at Weaver Park. We adopted Weaver Park in 2021 in Memory of Kevin. Since then we have been able to build an 80'x30' Serenity Memorial Garden with a little library and 2 memorial benches for sitting as well as donate over $7,000 total. Most recently was a donation in 2023 in the amount of $4,000 from our Fall festival proceeds. We hope to play a role in making Weaver Park in Winchester an amazing place once again for children and families. Kevin's grandma use to walk him across the street to play there when he was a child. It has come full circle as we know remember him while building it into a beautiful place to build memories for future generations to come!

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