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Circle Of Hope Grief Support Group

(Circle of Hope Support Group is currently suspended until we find a new location. STAY TUNED!!!) Circle of Hope Grief Support group was created in loving memory of my brother Kevin Riley who was shot and killed. During my grief I wanted to be able to speak to others who could relate to my grief, my pain, the questions, and the hurt, the sudden and tragic loss. There was no support group in our town like this. This grief support group is geared towards family and friends who have experienced the loss a loved one due to an act of violence. This is an emotionally safe space for grieving and meeting others who are or have gone through similar experiences. We will speak about how our days have gone, share stories of our loved ones, provide support to one another and a safe place to cry if needed, laugh when needed, share stores, and remember our loved ones in an informal setting as friends. This group provides an opportunity to meet others who are grieving, provide a safe place to talk, share stories, and learn ways to cope. This is a peer led group. We meet the 3rd Friday of every month. For more information and meeting location please send us an email at Due to the nature of the losses and grief we take privacy very seriously.

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